The Biggest Distraction of Teenagers; Cell phones


Do you think you can live without your cell phone for a week?

It would be impossible for teenagers to live without their cell phones. There is a negative aspect to our dependence on them and the youth is playing major role in adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology.

Extreme use of cell phones reflects badly on youth. They waste their time chatting with friends on cell phones 24/7, rather than consuming their time in studying. This has affected the performance of students, lowering their grades because it’s a cause of distraction while one is taking lecture.

Another distraction caused by cell phones is the excessive use on internet for getting timely information so, that they do not feel like missing fun or parties.

Due to spending whole night texting with their partners or talking with them on calls, they are going far and far away from the hold of families.

Usage of cell phone leads to the wastage of time and money of the students and their families.


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