What Are You Feeling Right Now?



Feelings, emotions – What are they?

Our emotions are one of the things we use to connect with others; they are the essential part of life.

“I feel like crying” or “I don’t feel the same way with him”.

If we feel happy, we think that it’s a good time of our life, everything seems to be in order. When we feel unhappy, we try to get out of that situation. We can feel happy, sad, bored, excited, miserable etc. These are what called feelings. We respond to the events happening around us. Simply, feelings are the signs of what’s going on inside.

“Boys don’t cry”, this cliché has been brought up by the society that men don’t cry because it’s “unmanly”. It’s absolutely wrong! Everyone has feelings; it’s just that some of us succeed to hide them from others while others push them down out of the way.


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