Know the facts about HIV/AIDS


17.12.13, Seminar on HIV/AIDS was held at NUST Business School. Respected guests were Ms. Anne Bergenstrom (UNODC), Mr. Marc Sabab (UNAIDS), Muhammad Javed (Ministry of Health), Dr. Saleem (Global Fund, General).

Ms. Anne told us some interesting facts about HIV/ AIDS and HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs. She has been following the researches of Francoise Barre- Sinoussi, a very famous lady who got the Nobel Prize for medicine.

35 million people in world are living with HIV. In Asia and Pacific, the Death rate is 270000; new infections have been found in around 350000 people. Rate of HIV/AIDS is the highest in Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan. The major cause of HIV in Pakistan is heroine being injected by people who get in to drugs. Concerning those who inject heroine, a resolution by General Assembly, called “Political Declaration on HIV/ AIDS”, was held on 10 June 2011 to reduce the transmission of HIV as well as to control HIV drugs in prison.

“Substance dependence is not a failure of will or of strength of character but a medical disorder that could affect any human being. Dependence is a chronic and relapsing disorder,often occurring with other physical and mental condition” (WHO, 2004).


Turning Dreams into Reality


I have always had a passion for singing; it has been my lifelong dream to get recognized as one of the finest singers of the country. I know turning dreams into reality is not easy, it requires a lot of hard work, commitment and devotion and I am ready to do it all. Having gotten all the support from my family, I have managed to continue my singing along with my studies. I have performed in various talent shows and done gigs. Having received a positive response from the audience I decided to do covers of various English and Urdu songs all of which were highly appreciated. There is still a long way to go however, I am planning on recording my own song very soon. Hope it receives an even better response from the audience and proves to be a boost for my career.


While we complain about petty issues, there are people who seem satisfied with what little they have.

What Are You Feeling Right Now?



Feelings, emotions – What are they?

Our emotions are one of the things we use to connect with others; they are the essential part of life.

“I feel like crying” or “I don’t feel the same way with him”.

If we feel happy, we think that it’s a good time of our life, everything seems to be in order. When we feel unhappy, we try to get out of that situation. We can feel happy, sad, bored, excited, miserable etc. These are what called feelings. We respond to the events happening around us. Simply, feelings are the signs of what’s going on inside.

“Boys don’t cry”, this cliché has been brought up by the society that men don’t cry because it’s “unmanly”. It’s absolutely wrong! Everyone has feelings; it’s just that some of us succeed to hide them from others while others push them down out of the way.

The Biggest Distraction of Teenagers; Cell phones


Do you think you can live without your cell phone for a week?

It would be impossible for teenagers to live without their cell phones. There is a negative aspect to our dependence on them and the youth is playing major role in adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology.

Extreme use of cell phones reflects badly on youth. They waste their time chatting with friends on cell phones 24/7, rather than consuming their time in studying. This has affected the performance of students, lowering their grades because it’s a cause of distraction while one is taking lecture.

Another distraction caused by cell phones is the excessive use on internet for getting timely information so, that they do not feel like missing fun or parties.

Due to spending whole night texting with their partners or talking with them on calls, they are going far and far away from the hold of families.

Usage of cell phone leads to the wastage of time and money of the students and their families.

Coke Studio



Coke studio is one of its own kinds, where we see and listen to some of the finest singers and musicians of the country. Artists from all over the world, covering Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi and Siraiki languages, have been provided with a best single platform by Coke Studio. New comers like Bilal Khan, Uzair Jaswal, Qayaas Band, Zoe Viccaji, Meesha shafi, Humayon Khan and others came to spotlight.

Music lovers are heartening as they are going to love sixth season of Coke Studio where Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat , Zeb and Haniya, Sanam Marvi and Saieen Zahoor are returning with their heavenly voices. Fresh orchestra and compositions are giving unique touch to our native music.


Guitar, a six-stringed instrument is so much in trend nowadays that everyone wants to learn it.
So trendy that people who don’t even know how to play it, post their display pictures carrying a guitar pretending they know how to play music on it. People should be real and at least not pretend they are good at something when they’re not. They should do what they are best at, and then post pictures carrying their own talent that is what i do as well.