Know the facts about HIV/AIDS


17.12.13, Seminar on HIV/AIDS was held at NUST Business School. Respected guests were Ms. Anne Bergenstrom (UNODC), Mr. Marc Sabab (UNAIDS), Muhammad Javed (Ministry of Health), Dr. Saleem (Global Fund, General).

Ms. Anne told us some interesting facts about HIV/ AIDS and HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs. She has been following the researches of Francoise Barre- Sinoussi, a very famous lady who got the Nobel Prize for medicine.

35 million people in world are living with HIV. In Asia and Pacific, the Death rate is 270000; new infections have been found in around 350000 people. Rate of HIV/AIDS is the highest in Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan. The major cause of HIV in Pakistan is heroine being injected by people who get in to drugs. Concerning those who inject heroine, a resolution by General Assembly, called “Political Declaration on HIV/ AIDS”, was held on 10 June 2011 to reduce the transmission of HIV as well as to control HIV drugs in prison.

“Substance dependence is not a failure of will or of strength of character but a medical disorder that could affect any human being. Dependence is a chronic and relapsing disorder,often occurring with other physical and mental condition” (WHO, 2004).